Best Alcohol Free Beer For Parties, Christmas and New Year

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Alcohol Free Beer – Calories

One of the main benefits, and directly due to the lack of alcohol, is how few calories are in under 1% Beer.

Look at the graphic below, comparing some of Brewdog’s beer. A 10% ABV Stout has a huge 275 calories in it!

Compare that with the 0.5% Nanny State at just 20 – and it’s easy to see why people are eager to cut back on alcoholic beers.

Especially over Christmas and new years eve where partying can get a little excessive – the combination of drinking AND over indulgent eating leads to a calorific time.

Cutting down on the alcohol consumed will make for a healthier few days, and more than just your liver will thank you!

Best Alcohol Free Beer

I’ve written an article already about the best alcohol free beers from a craft, refined sense.

However, these can get expensive and if you’re looking to buy a larger amount for a party, then there are far cheaper alternatives available.

Having tried every 0% beer I can get my hands on there is one that has really stuck around in the fridge as a regular, weekly shop.

1. Heineken 0.0

A fantastic price point, wide availability and easy drinking makes this perfect for Christmas parties and into 2019 and beyond.

The packaging is fairly obvious next to standard Heineken, however I’ve had plenty of cans of this at parties without anyone noticing or trying to make awkward jokes about the fact it’s low percentage.

It’s easy to drink with that sweet-malty taste associated with low percentage beer only appearing after a few cans.

Best of all it’s usually available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose as well as Amazon.

It’s pretty cheap – usually about £4 for 6 bottles (0.66p a go) which is a bargain compared to full fat, full alcoholic beers!

It’s also available as both bottles or cans.