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It is always the beer season. We cannot deny the spark that beer adds to the different occasions of life. From the after work meeting with friends at the local bar, to watching our favourite games, on a chilled out weekend, office parties, when it is ‘quality time with the boys’ and the backyard-barbeques.

1. Boon Kriek Cherry Lambic Beer

Lambic is a Belgian beer that is only brewed in and around Brussels. It has a distinctive sourness from a local wild yeast, known as Brettanomyces.

Lambic beer is best served chilled, with refreshing wood notes and a delightful quiche finish. Each pint of Lambic beer is traditionally prepared, with the Brewers even opening vents in the roof to let in wild yeast that ferments the beer.

All Lambic beers are appealingly packed, in sleek bottles and elegant colours. Here is where you combine beer and class, with a fruity, soft beer.

2. Session IPA

With inviting aroma, the citrus and tropical fruit flavours, and the Caribbean theme, Session IPA had to be in our best craft beer list. Recently launched by Island Record Label and brewed by Soundwaves Brewing Co. Session IPA beer has 4.5% alcohol.

If you want to peak with positive vibrations and a rhythmically relaxing craft beer, then Session IPA should be on your list.

3. Wild Beer – Sourdough

The bottle and taste of this beer are as wild as its name. Wild Beer Sourdough is a fitting drink if you are searching for a more intense and sour flow. Brewed in Somerset, the beer is a quality barley beverage, with 3.6% alcohol.

One outstanding feature of Wild Beer Sourdough is how it retains the flavour taste of skillfully blended Brettanomyces and a five-decade culture. Wild Beer manufacturers put the beer into oak barrels for its primary fermentation, where it sits, maturing into the refreshing beverage.

4. Magic Rock Brewing: 6-Can Mixed Case

If you love the bitter-sweet beer that leaves a crispy taste on your tongue as it sizzles down, then Magic Rock Brewing should be in your next order. Manufactured in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Britain Magic Rock Beer Pack comes in an assortment of flavours.

Experience the German-rich flavour in Salty Kiss, explosive hoppy bubbles in Cannonball, unapologetically sweet-fruity tang in a sip of Inhaler and chocolate-like beer from the Dark Arts blends.

5. BrewDog Elvis Juice Cans

A can of BrewDog Elvis Juice is enough to get the party started. Brewed by India Pale Ale (IPA), BrewDog has a 6.5% alcohol content. Brim with this grapefruit-tasting craft beer, that also comes with a feel of pine and orange.

The caramel, malty base and sour-sweetness make BrewDog Elvis Juice a worthy entry in our list of best craft beers.

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