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How much import tax will I pay on a Xiaomi Phone

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Due to Xiaomi not officially being available in the UK, the only way to purchase is through sites such as Aliexpress or Gearbest. This will likely cause VAT to be charged when they are being imported, judged by the value declared on the packet. As a rough rule, anything sent …

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Which Xiaomi Phones work with 4G in the UK

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A key concern with Xiaomi phones in the UK is the lack of support for 4G. However, the more recent models support Band 20 which is used by many carriers. Even models that only support 1 Band will still receive full 4G speeds, but coverage may be reduced. *Where 800MHz …

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Use this table to compare all of Xiaomi’s phone ranges and find the right fit for you. Where a minimum and maximum value are given, there may be multiple variants within this range. E.g. the base model of the Redmi Note 4 is 2GB RAM / 16GB Storage, and the …