Electric Quad Bikes for Kids

Electric quad bikes, or electric ATVs, have grown in popularity in recent years.

Improvements in battery technology, falling prices and a growing awareness of electric vehicles for pleasure has all added to their success.

But which one should you buy? What should you look out for when shopping? This article will give you everything you need to know to purchase your new, exhilarating quad bike!

Are electric quad bikes road legal?

Sadly, just like electric scooters electric quad bikes are going to fall into the same category as scooters. If they’re not registered with the DVLA, then they’re not legal for use on public land such as roads.

However, if being used safely, it’s unlikely that children using electric quad bikes will get into any legal trouble.

Adults using quad bikes will likely be registering them anyway due to being used as works vehicles rather than purely recreation.

We highly recommend getting any landowners permission if you are looking to go off roading, even with children, and follow the advice of any retailers you find in this list.

How fast do electric quad bikes go?

Most quad bikes, especially those for kids, come with different power levels with restricted top speeds.

However, most will achieve up to 22kmh (15mph) – and pretty quickly too thanks to the high torque electric motors. Typically batteries will last around 45 minutes, depending how hard you’re riding.

Power Rating

The power rating will determine the performance and speed of the bike.

Quads often come in a few standard variants:

  • 350W – A lower powered model, these are usually advised for young children to get used to being on a vehicle. These can be equivalent to a 50cc machine. . 
  • 800W – A midrange power, 800W units are more versatile and can be put into high powered modes while also coming with more restrictions. Check the specific model for details. 
  • 1000W – These are the most powerful quads typically available and will cost the most too. Designed for more advanced drivers, they can be restricted while others get used to them but it’s advisable only experienced riders take these machines. Equivalent to a 100cc/125cc petrol

Best Electric Quads For Kids

To save you the hassle of shopping around, we’ve shortlisted the top 3 electric quad bikes available.

Please note that prices were correct at time of writing but may have changed.

1. Leopard 800w

9 – 12 Years

With 3 power settings, striking styling and coming in at under £500, the Leopard 800w is the perfect model for your energetic kids!

With up to 3 hours run time, it features a powerful 800w motor powered by triple-12V battery pack and a top speed of 15mph

A real crowd pleaser – there’s not much to go wrong!

Amazon – £450

2. Zorax 1000W


If your kids are a bit older and looking for a more powerful, pro experience, then the Zorax is a popular model which scores well.

Designed for young teenagers, it has a top speed of 15mph with 3 power modes. Available in 5 colours, it’s a fantastically styled vehicle that looks great too.

It’s fitted with LED lights, and more importantly three brakes – two at the front and one at the rear to handle that extra power.

Amazon – £550

3. For Toddlers: Maverick FX

If you’re looking for an entry level electric quadbike for your toddler, it’s hard to go wrong witht he Maverick FX 4WD. With tough styling and an affordable price, this low power quad has a top speed of 3mph.

Looking for something more stylish? Check out the Range Rover Evoque or Lambo Urus too!

Fastest Electric Quad Bike

For the ultimate thrill seekers, there are is one Quad bike for you.

With a 1500W motor and top speed of 25mph, this will be sure to put a smile on your face!