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What is the Motochimp?

The Motochimp is made by a leading electric vehicles company based in Singapore called Vanda Electrics.

More famously known for making the mightily impressive Dendrobium, the Motochimp is their entry towards a fun, alternative urban mobility vehicle.

Compactly folding down, it’s design was inspired by the Pez dispenser and the battery is essentially the main body of the bike, making an extremely efficient design.

Fully Charged quickly fell in love with them and recently announced they are leading the company’s launch of the Motochimp into the UK market through a limited edition, signed release.

It’s important to note that the version in the video was technically illegal in the UK unless registered with the DVLA – just like many electric scooter equivalents of this style and class.

However the launch edition should be EU certified and ready to be registered with the DVLA.

28mph Top Speed

£2,000 – 3,000

35 Miles Range

2 Hour Recharge

Pricing is still looking a bit unknown, but I’d expect around the £3,000 mark for something like this. It’s a little bit unique and is never going to be a mass-market, low cost vehicle.

Does that matter? Not really. There’s plenty of silly, unique and specialist vehicles out there that people use on a daily basis. It won’t be for everyone but it never was meant to be!

These aren’t going to be fully replacing cars anytime soon – but are a fun and perfectly sized solution to last-mile journeys and reduce commuter traffic. Carry onto the tube, then unpack the other end and off you go! With most traffic in UK Cities being under 15mph on average anyway, the use of this type of vehicle makes a lot of sense for commuters to weave through traffic.

Where to Buy the Motochimp?

Motochimp will likely have an exclusive release with Fully Charged, with standard retailers and distributors following after them.

As soon as we have more info we’ll update this page – but visit Fully Charged for now!

Motochimp Release Date?

Expect to see the Motochimp released around April 2019.

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