Host Your Own Cheese and Wine Tasting

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Includes everything you need to host an entertaining cheese and wine tasting!

  • 5 Cheese and Wine pairings
  • Wine Tasting Mat
  • Shopping list
  • Introduction to wine tasting
  • How and why the pairings work
  • List of alternative products to try

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Wine tasting doesn’t have to be expensive! Under £10

UK Supermarkets

The very best quality and value products from leading supermarkets

Simple and Fun!

No waffle, no fancy words. Just simple enjoyment of wine with friends

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The best quality food has been chosen for the maximum impact

Our 11 page guide contains everything you need to know to host your own wine and cheese evening.

Designed with fun and budget in mind, it will entertain and introduce new wine drinkers to the delights of matching with food!

Wine tasting shouldn’t be scary or seen as snobby. Instead, it’s a fantastic way to explore the way wine influences the taste of food.

Our 11 page document gives you everything you need to host – from how to taste, what to taste and what to buy.

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Discover the world of matching wine and food in the comfort of your own home.

All produce is selected from supermarkets, making it super easy to find what you need.

Host your own wine tasting without breaking the bank.

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Enter your email for your FREE 10 page cheese and wine tasting plan!

Includes Tasting Mat

Keep track of what you're drinking with prompts for aromas and tastes. No nonsense wine tasting!

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No Fuss Wine Tasting


Download your guide and read about how to taste incorporating both smell and sight (without the snobby lingo).

Then read about each Cheese and Wine Pair, why it works, and most importantly – where to buy them!

  • Tasting Crash Course
  • Short – Get Stuck In!
  • No Waffle


Using our “Perfect” and “Alternative” list, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Best of all, it’s designed for on a budget to convert your guests and show that enjoying wine doesn’t have to be expensive!

The “Perfect” list of products comes to just £52.

  • Shopping Lists for UK Supermarkets
  • Suggestions for alternative items
  • Snack Recommendations


Hosting couldn’t be easier.

Included are tasting mats so each guest can make notes and keep track of which wine is which.

Brief discussion points let you get conversation flowing about both the wine, the cheese and how they interact.

  • Tasting Note Sheets
  • Visual to keep track!
  • Guidance of what you need

No Printer?

If you don’t have access to a printer, don’t panic.

Includes 6 tasting mats, 2 copies of the tasting notes and a printed shopping list ready to go.

Printed onto high quality, thick gloss paper for durability. Use again and again!

  • 6 Tasting Mats
  • Full Colour document
  • Bound
  • 200gsm Paper
  • Free delivery
  • Custom tick box shopping list

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