How to Host an Epic New Years Break 2017

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It’s suddenly autumn. Nights begin to get darker, and hot summer days dwindle into fond memories.

But fear not, this is the perfect opportunity to plan your next holiday! Don’t lament the change in weather, for it welcomes a period of excitement.

Going away for a new year’s break gives everyone something to look forward to, and see the new year in with the best company.

However, it can be a bit of a military operation to organise and prepare. Here are some top tips!

Gather the Troops

First things first, find out how many people need to go. Start a facebook group and invite people to it so you have a fixed place to share information (messages get lost in chats so avoid them).

Choose Numbers Carefully

If possible, try to invite 8, 12 or 16 people. A lot of properties tend to fall into these capacity ranges and having 1 outside may make things expensive.

For example a cottage may have 2 double and 2 twin rooms, giving room for 8. But as soon as you have a 9th person you’re going to need somewhere that sleeps 10 or often 12, meaning the cost is split over the nine people.

E.g. Sleeps 8 = £800 or £100 each for 8.
Sleeps 12 = £1200 or £130 each for 9.

Get an idea of budget

Before we start hunting, we also need an idea of how much people are happy to pay. If you’re going for 3 nights then £150 should give enough wiggle room.

However, bare in mind that places charge extra over new years as it’s classed as peak season. Prices also vary a lot on area (tip: Wales is usually cheaper) so shop around if you’re able to travel a bit further.

Where to find somewhere to stay

No matter where you are in the UK, there are plenty of rural retreats and city breaks as for your parties needs. It’s just a case of finding them!

If your party is large, over 10 people, then I would recommend looking elsewhere than AirBnB. It tends to be expensive and quite limited in larger places.

Some alternatives:

  • – Probably the best site, it has a huge range of listings for every size and location. Decent filters to quickly narrow down
  • Wimdu – A German company with listings in the UK, they tend to be more focused on city breaks and