Best Sheds on Amazon

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There’s a surprisingly amount of sheds on Amazon. Far from the usual orders of USB cables and kitchen supplies, Amazon can be a fantastic place to buy thanks to the huge amount of choice, excellent customer support and wide range of customer reviews.

Before buying a shed though, there are a lot of things to consider.


Wooden sheds can be susceptible to rot, with cedar sheds often being more resistant than most (and more expensive). Despite this, wooden sheds continue to be popular thanks to looking good, easily painted and being inexpensive.

However, plastic and metal sheds have gained popularity recently. Plastic sheds construct easily but can be a bit unsightly, though fake wood effect can be quite convincing!

Metal sheds are resistant to rot and fire but can be awkward to assemble and lead to condensation internally.


Naturally this depends entirely on the size of your plot, however the most common sizes are: 6 x 4, 6 x 8 or 12 x 8 ft.

It’s important to watch out that the internal dimensions will be smaller than this once walls etc have been taken into account.

Best Wooden Sheds

6 x 8 – Waltons Apex Shed

Waltons are a quality and highly recommended shed brand, often beating the cheaper BillyOh in customer feedback and comparisons (read more on Which here).

Reviewers comment on the ease of construction, prompt delivery and spacious interior for the price.

10 x 8 – Forest Shed

This larger double door shed is well priced at £470, with strengthened doors and hidden hinges to give additional security.

A strengthened double Z frame on the door also ensures extra strength and no flexing when opening / closing, as well as extra resistance from theft!

It’s dispatched by Amazon, which means you should get a decent delivery service too!

8 x 8 – Barn Style Waltons Shed

If you’ve got a bit more money to burn, this premium shed comes with a 10 year guarantee, double doors and solid construction.

Thick external cladding, reinforced Z door frame and heavy duty roof felt means this is the real deal.

An excellent all round shed that is worth every penny.

Best Plastic Sheds

Try and stick with Keter sheds here, which have received fantastic reviews for build quality and are widely available on amazon prime for fast delivery.

A lot of them are shed stores rather than full sized sheds, so be careful.

6 x 4 – Keter Manor Pent

Easy to build, easy to clean and with wood effect panelling, this is a simple, small shed that is ideal for smaller storage items.

While compact, construction is very easy and panelling is UV resistant to fading and damage.

Reviews are warning of a lack of floor, and it can be a bit flimsy if not constructed correctly.

6 x 8 Plastic Shed

Also by Keter, this shed features double front doors with all the usual features benefits – UV protection, wood effect, but also a skylight for natural lighting and air gaps for ventilation.

Reviewers recommend based on a sturdier design and easier construction.

Again, no base is provided so construct a plywood or similar base. See below for quick and easy mats as an alternative.

Best Shed!
10 x 8 – Duramax

This larger shed is in the same price range as the above 6 x 8 shed, offering fantastic value for money.

The size lets it be used for hobbies or working rather than just storage, though the lack of skylight means you’ll need to install decent lighting.

An internal metal frame provides a lot more strength compared to alternatives, with plenty of headroom for even taller people.

Reviewers love the internal size and the strength of this shed, making it a winner!

Best Plastic Shed Stores

If you’re looking for smaller storage, there’s loads of great, cheap little outdoor cupboards.

They’re an inexpensive way to hide items away and a lot cleaner (and cheaper) than wood.

Here’s a list of the most popular alternatives to sheds.

Best Shed Accessories

Best Shed Bases

If you’re looking for quick construction then consider one of these Eco Deck mats which help provide protection for grass and other surfaces you’re placing onto, and giving a really solid base to build on.

Prices depend on size, but modular systems are available if you have an different size.

Best Shed Paint

It may be obvious to say but only paint your wooden sheds!

A high quality paint will ensure longevity and protect against rot as well as make it look nice! Cuprinol are the leading, trusted brand to go with.

Be sure to check how much paint you need before you start. It’s best to use 2 coats to mve an even protective finish.

1.0L rs
2.5L =
5.0L = 25 square meters