Bulb Energy Review

Bulb Energy Review

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For the past 5 years, I had been with the same energy firm for our rented property. I had never really thought about moving as the amount we would save throughout the year was a few pounds a month, and I expected it to take a few hours of admin work to do.

However, one day we received a delightful letter from SSE informing us that our energy was about to go up in price. It wasn’t a life changing amount, but it would be enough of an increase for it to make a bit of a dent in monthly finances.

Thanks to some rather aggressive re-marketing on Facebook, I became aware of a startup called Bulb Energy.

Their website was clean, simple and messaging pretty clear – one tariff, mix of renewables and simple interface to manage it all.

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Too good to be true?

With an imminent price rise, I thought I’d give it a go and see how difficult switching was.

I think we’ve all heard the constant advice from radio shows, money saving forums and whatever else that it’s now really rather easy. But I didn’t believe it.

Should You Switch?

Turns out, it’s actually pretty easy.

So Yes, whoever you choose to go to , I would recommend switching away from you current provider if you have a better offer.

The amount of work to be done by you is very little – all you need to do is find a provider that is cheaper than your current plan.

For us, Bulb was not the cheapest option, but it was one of the cheapest that offered electricity from 100% renewables.

  1. The Hard Part – Find out how much you’re paying per month, both in £ and KWH terms
  2. Find suppliers – Search manually, or use a comparison site to find someone cheaper.
  3. Easy Part – Switch – The companies handle all of the admin, so you actually do very little once you’ve found a deal. I was amazed at how hands off it was!

Two Price Drops in 3 Months

We switched to Bulb around the first of April 2017.

It’s now the first of July, and we have had two price drops in that time:

Having moved because of a price increase, this has been really rather pleasantly surprising.

Our energy usage is quite low so this only comes to around £40 a year in savings, but it’s better than the alternative.

Clear Design

The main benefit for me is a clear and easy to use online interface.

Having spent hours swearing at SSE’s site trying to download a PDF, the bills interface is clear with a nice focus on viewing energy usage and statements.


I would highly recommend Bulb as an energy provider, with the switch being painless and already two sets of price drops.

The more important message though, is to make sure you switch and search for deals!

I had put off switching for years, but regret doing so as it was so simple once I had found what I wanted.

We’ve saved about £100 a year with the switch, so it’s well worth getting a quote if you’re still on the fence.

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Bulb Energy vs OVO, Ecotricity, Octopus, NPower and British Gas

Fuel comparison table

This table compares the renewable energy percentage breakdown of supply for the major UK energy companies. Source for data.

 % Electricty Renewable% Gas RenewableWhich? Customer Score
British Gas40%0%52%

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  1. Great company!!!

    Just ❤️ Bulb !!!

    Just made the switch to bulb last month as I’ve always been with British gas . Ive just recieved my first bill and I am very happy to say that everything bulb has promised is true!!!! My first bill has saved me £45 thiis month alone!! The switch over to bulb has been very smooth. The £50 credit is a bonus too as you will be able to recommend others and build up £50 credit when they join.

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