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The 5 Best Ice Cube Trays on Amazon UK 2020

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So it’s heating up again, with heatwaves all across Europe. You’re in the garden, attempting to light a bbq in the brief, glimmering hope that is the British Summer.

It’ll be cold again soon, so you need ice on tap to lure in you into the false sense of positivity.

What are your options? We’ve gathered the 5 best ice cube makers and trays available – all from Amazon so that they might even arrive in time before the sun goes away.

1. Square 40 Piece Silicone Tray

This is a simple tray that produces large, cubes. You receive 2 x 20 trays, giving plenty of capacity for parties.

Thanks to the Silicone material, cubes can be easily popped out (no wrestling with twisting plastic) and can take food colouring without staining, so you can customise cubes as necessary.

The cubes are also large enough for you to be able to freeze fruit, herbs etc in, making them perfect for Pimms.

  • Large number
  • Good size for small glasses
  • Quick release
  • Can be used for freezing blocks of herbs, fruit etc
Buy Now – £9.49

2. Ice Ball Moulds x 4

While you only get 4, they’re big! 4 x balls make the perfect accompaniment to whisky or cocktails.

Again, the use of high quality BPA Free silicone makes removing them easy, with a hole in the top for filling with water.

Reviewers praise the size of them which ensures a slow melt, not diluting too quickly.

  • Slow melt
  • Easy release
  • Fun shape
Buy Now – £5

3. Diamond

These huge diamond shaped ice cubes are formed through heavy duty silicone moulds. Like the rounded cubes, the slow release makes them ideal for cocktails.

What is most surprising is just how sharp the edges come out after freezing. One reviewer used it to make sugar crystals which resulted in a fantastic effect.

  • Novel shape
  • Slow melt
  • Great for creating Sugar Crystals
£5 – Buy Now

4. Han Solo – Star Wars

There’s plenty of novelty cube trays – the titanic, R2D2, the death star, the list is endless.

However, these stand head and shoulders above the rest with the iconic carbonite effect.

They produce thick, chunky blocks of ice which can be impractical for glasses, but the effect works well enough to look past that.

Some reviewers have even used them to make soaps! Fabulous idea to surprise guests.

  • Can be used for more than ice
  • Fantastic detail
  • Might not fit in glasses easily
£6.99 – Buy Now

5. Cool Shooters

Why put the ice in the drink, when you can put the drink in the ice?

These affordable and surprisingly effective ice cube trays make shot glasses. No evidence of shots ever happening!

Even better – you can make the glasses themselves out of juice or similar, for melt-as-you-drink-cocktails.

Reviews suggest they’re durable and last a decent time before melting – just remember to freeze them for long enough!

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