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As few of us are connoisseurs its more than likely that we have, at sometime, all stood in the drinks aisle at a supermarket looking for a certain bottle that would go best with the evening meal we have planned. Matching food and wine is never an easy task, maybe you are in a rush, are with children who are eager to get to the toy aisle, or a partner who is nagging you to hurry up.

Not only do you have to first decide on white, red, rose or sparkling, there are numerous styles under each category, not to mention an ever increasing number of countries of origin.

And, what about price? Is that special offer that should retail at £10.99, but is £5.99 for a limited period, really that special? Its no wonder it doesn’t take long for the grey mist to descend and cloud your judgement on a food and wine match.

Believe it or not, this specially designed wine chatbot help you to cut through the above challenges and help you to quickly match food and wine. It’s like having an experienced sommelier at your side. It not only solves the problem of choosing your wine, it teaches you something in the process, little pieces of advice that are easy to remember for next time and makes the selection of wine to go with, whatever you are eating easy.

Ask the bot for a wine to go with whatever you have to eat, and if you like, the supermarkets you want to source it from and by leading you through a series of simple questions it will arrive at recommendations, together with prices and where to buy.

The bot also provides some points of general guidance, enables you to access any reviews available and signposts you to sites where you can buy the recommended wine online should you wish.

When you are stood in front of shelves of the stuff, even if you can understand some of the posh terminology used by wine writers, the information in blogs, books magazines and on the back of most bottles is of little use when you are in a rush. Do you really want to be trying to make sense of a wine blog on your iPad in the supermarket?

With this bot, you don’t need to do your research in the supermarket.

It continues the tradition of removing the snobbery from wine, a movement that was started over two decades ago when people such as, Jilly Golden and Oz Clarke started to use everyday language to demystify wine for the general public.

Simply put the bot tells you in jargon free plain English what’s good to pair with your food. What is more, the recommendations are affordable, with most being in the range £6-£12.

Let’s look in more detail. The bot works through Facebook Messenger, so if you haven’t already got Messenger waste no time in downloading because if you drink wine the bot is an indispensable tool, really easy to use, innovative and informative.

Once the bot is downloaded you are ready to get your food and wine match instantly. If you look at the tool bar at the bottom of your device’s screen you will see three headings:
• Just Wine
• Match Food and Wine
• Supermarkets

If you select just wine, you are given a choice of Rioja, Barbera, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Chianti, and Cotes de Rhone. Choose one and you will instantly receive a recommendation from at least one of the supermarkets included in the bot, together with the name of the wine, a picture of the bottle and the current selling price. Alternatively, enter a type of wine not listed above in the free text search box and let the bot go to work on your behalf.

It is important to remember that, whilst already extremely convenient, the bot is developing continuously. Although it is good now, it will get better and better. So, if you search for something, get a nil response and are told rather cutely, that it’s still learning what humans eat and drink, pick something else and try searching for your initial selection again in a few weeks time.

If you want to go straight to the Match Food and Wine option, a click on the toolbar opens a choice from the following food types: Pizza, Curry, Cheese, Fish, Italian and Steak. Again, there is a free text search box. Choosing steak presents the following to make a selection from:
• Bordeaux;
• Cabernet Sauvignon;
• Malbec;
• Pinotage; and
• Syrah
Once you have made your selection you will be given the name of a wine, the supermarket where it is available and the price. You may also be able to read a review. In addition to the specific recommendation, I was also advised that the cut of steak didn’t matter too much, so long as I remembered that the leaner the meat, the lighter the red required.

Choosing “Steak” and getting a recommendation was so simple, I decided to try the free text search and typed in “pork”. I was advised to try a fruity red, such as a young Burgundy, but warned that if it was a fatty cut of pork I would be better with something that cut through the fat; Riesling and Gewurztraminer being top of the list.

The Supermarket option opens up a choice of:
• Aldi;
• Sainsbury’s;
• Tesco; and
• The Cooperative.

Picking a supermarket opens a choice of Red, White or Show Me Both. Remember, the bot only selects good wines based on extensive research. I was shown a selection of three whites, ranging from a Languedoc from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference selection, priced at £6.25, which I was informed was great with curry, to a £9 Limoux Chardonnay. The red I was offered, a Barbera d’Asti at £7, was also from the Taste the Difference range.

It really is that simple. No need to be spending time flicking through wine books at home and writing down notes on pieces of paper to take with you shopping. The wine bot makes all that completely unnecessary. No peering at bottle labels either to try separating the manufacturer’s sales blurb from the information that tells you what the wine may really be like. This wine bot will enable you to easily find wine to pair with your food in as little as thirty seconds. Plus the selections will be affordable and current so they should be available. No more hit and miss with wine for you, strike gold every time by using the information given to you by the bot.

The wine bot is a unique tool, whether you are in a supermarket, a restaurant, or somewhere else where wine is being sold, you can’t afford to be without it.

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