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Find the right wine for your meal, anywhere.

Planning a fancy Friday meal but unsure what to buy while in the supermarket? Just ask!

The Wine Pairer will instantly recommend you a wine based on meal type, and give detailed information why this match works.

Ideal for in the Supermarket or the Restaurant when you need quick decisions.

Drink Better Wine Without Thinking About It

No More Research

We’re constantly adding matches, so just type in what you’re planning to have.

Simple Answers

No wine jargon. Just simple answers letting you buy the right wine.


Suggestions are instant, letting you decide without time consuming research.


From Aldi to Waitrose, the best styles of wine for your meal are available

Only The Best Supermarket Wines

We’ve scoured the internet, hunted down the best reviews and put it all into this one chatbot, so you don’t have to do any laborious research.

From Decanter to independent reviewers, to The Guardian, we’ve listened to the experts and put it all into simple to understand language.

Under £12

Our belief that great wine shouldn’t be expensive means that no wine listed in the chatbot is more than £12.

The average price of a bottle is in fact just £8.

You don’t have to spend much to enjoy yourself and impress friends.


What is The Wine Pairer?

We all know how difficult it is choosing a wine when faced with endless shelves of identical looking wines. Analysis Paralysis kicks in, and we stare, stunned, gazing in confusion and waiting for a label to jump out.

The Wine Pairer takes all of the best wines and feeds them to a chat bot. Shoppers message on Facebook and instantly have a wine recommended to them based on shop, budget or meal.

Any wine featured is never more than £12 – as great wine should not be expensive.

While there are many successful blogs out there, it takes time to research and read about the best wines that supermarkets offer. With the Chatbot, shoppers get instant, personalised answers that help them make the informed decisions while in-store.

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