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With another new year gone, many are looking for low or non-alcohol wines.

The increase in interest in this market has perhaps partially come off the back of alcohol free beers proving to be a valid alternative to their alcoholic counter parts.

It’s part of a movement that is an attempt to be more inclusive to those who don’t want to drink, or drink as much.

There’s quite limited options currently to those who wanted to avoid high sugar content drinks, but who are:

  • Driving
  • Pregnant
  • Trying to drink less
  • Taking a break during an evening drinking

Alcohol free wine and beer isn’t just for those who are tee total.

Increasingly on an evening you may swap out one drink for a lower percentage one to just keep in a slightly healthier zone of tispy!

So, what are the best low alcohol wines out there?

Nosecco – Alcohol Free “Champagne” (Sparkling Wine)

Let’s start with some fizz! While alcohol free Champagne isn’t yet a thing (sadly), this is a fantastic alternative.

At just £18 for 6 (£3 a bottle) it provides fantastic value for drinking any time of year or day.

Many praise it’s lightness, and avoidance an overly sweet palate. Good bubbles, and while it’s never going to be the same as a full ABV Prosecco, it hits very close to the mark.

Perfect for parties where you want to perhaps slow guests down a bit, but keep the bubbles flowing…

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The Co-op – Sparkling White Muscat

Frustratingly impossible to find online, head down to your local Co-op (even the smaller stores seem to stock it) for a bargain bottle of this sweet, refreshing but not sickly alcohol free White Muscat.

At around £2.50 a bottle it’s fantastic for afternoon BBQs in the sun.

Made in Spain, it utilises the sweetness of Italian Muscat grapes and avoids the acidity that would be introduced by Alcohol. Lovely stuff.

Natureo Muscat – Waitrose & Partners

Another stunning example with the Muscat grape, Torres are a Spanish wine maker that’s well respected for their range of “normal” wines.

Chill well before serving and enjoy the medium sweet crispness of this Muscat, with the orange notes still present.

At £6 a bottle, it’s a little more than we’d like to pay but well worth it for the quality.

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Eins Zwei Zero – Riesling – Waitrose

The Riesling taste is protected in this dry white wine by removing the alcohol through vacuum distillation.

A stunning label design lets it slip onto the dinner table without anyone noticing it’s lacking those ABVs, but it punches well with a solid taste and aromas of “proper” wine.

Serve plenty cold, and this is one of the better imitations of white wine you’ll experience.

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Rawsons Retreat

Tesco’s offer a pretty solid selection of white, red and sparkling versions from Rawsons Retreat.

The red and sparkling are the best of the line up, both offering a very similar taste and texture to alcohol counterparts.

The white is a little harsh on the nose, however is quite drinkable once you adjust to the obvious lack of alcohol.

At £3.50 a bottle, it’s hard to say no too! Well worth picking up on your pext trip.

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