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Aldi: The Best Budget Wines 2017

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In terms of value, Aldi has fast become a dominant player in UK retail space.

However, few people appreciate just how excellent Aldi’s wine selection is, with a large number of their wines regularly rated highly and winning awards.

While it has some bad grapes, with careful attention to what you’re buying you’ll be hard pressed to find much better value for money.

Limoux, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 2015

Let’s start with the most expensive wine. With a suitably luxurious label, this elegant Limoux is full of apple, lemon and melon flavours.

A crisp and balanced finish makes this an excellent steal for just £7 – an excellent example of how good Chardonnay can be.

  • 6.99
  • France
  • 14%
  • Decanter Score: 90 / 100

Freeman’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc, 2016

Green apple, lime and goosberry burst forth in true Sauvignon Blanc fashion.

Dry crisp acidity makes it an ideal match with food, with a slight sweetness that doesn’t overpower.

For £5.50, you can’t go wrong.

  • 5.49
  • New Zealand
  • 13.0%

Origin Pure – Cabernet Sauvignon

An “Eco-Aware” wine, as the name suggests, this wine is pure and free from sulphates.

On the nose, fresh summer berries, with a darker set of blackcurrant and plums developing on the palette. Soft tannins provide a balanced and pleasant finish.

Full of summer, this wine is perfect for social evenings on the beach or on the lawn.

This is one of the most highly rated supermarket wines by Decanter.

  • 5.49
  • South Africa
  • 14%
  • Decanter Score: 91 / 100

Côtes Du Rhône Villages, 2015

This delivers everything you could want in a classic Cotes du Rhone
– subtle black berries and red fruits with a weighty but not heavy finish.

I don’t think we’re ever going to get a cheaper, good wine. £4.29 leaves very little wriggle room after taxes and bottling costs, so buy this while you can.

  • 4.29
  • France
  • 13.5%

Animus Douro DOC, 2014

We head now to Portugal, and to the valley that leads to Porto, the home of Port.

“Animus” (ignore the potentially negative Assassins Creed connotations) is an excellent presence of both red and dark fruits.

Usually this would make for a heavy, tough wine, but instead it is easy to drink with a fresh but lingering finish.

Available in-store or Online! Fabulous for a fiver, or a case for £30.

  • 5.00
  • Portugal
  • 13.5%
  • Decanter: 90
  • Tomatoes – Pizza or Pasta

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