The Best Wine Corkscrews

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Corkscrews seem like fairly simple, innocuous items.

How good can they get?

While prices vary a lot, the ease of use is the main focus for bottle openers. Good corkscrews don’t cost the earth, but they will transform your world enough that you’ll take them to parties, be laughed at, but win people over when you gracefully and effortlessly open wine bottle after wine bottle.

Once you have moved into a world of stress free, easy opening, well designed bottle openers, you will shudder at the thought of ever using a flappy armed one again.

No electrics, no drowning man motions. Just simple, clever design.

The only benefit to this style of corkscrew

1. Brabantia “Napoleon”

It doesn’t take a genius to realise the nickname for this series of bottle opener. A wide, black “hat” sits atop a slender body, displaying all of the attributes of a Bicorne.

As with many of Brabantia’s corkscrews, the key here is in the design.

Simply place over the bottle neck, screw down, and keep on screwing. The force then lifts the cork straight out of the bottle without any need for additional force.

Buy Now – £15

2. Brabantia “Classic”

Built on the same premise as the Napoleon but without the historical class, the Classic is a time and tested, and admittedly cheaper, style and design.

The cork is pulled out effortlessly, and is removed from the screw by simply turning in the opposite direction.

Also hidden: foil cutter on the base.

Buy Now – £7.50

3. Oxo Good Grips

Oxo Good grips has made a name for itself in making high quality, well designed kitchenware.

Usually at a bit of a premium, their goods are worth the investment for ease of use, and this is no different.

The price is slightly higher than is comfortable, however it is made with stainless steel and will likely last decades.

The secret weapon? The lid comes off and can be used as a foil remover. Yes, a corkscrew with a detachable foil cutter lid!

How snazzy is that?

Buy Now – £25.00

4. Ikea

Ikea have once again produced amazing design and a bargain price.

Available in-store for around £6, or online for £11, this sleek cutter incorporates foil cutter, handle the usual twist-and-pull all in one.

Buy Now – £11.00

5. The Waiters Friend

It takes a bit of getting used to and certainly has a bit of a knack to it, but it’s clean, reliable and has a satisfying pop.

Best of all, it’s cheap and ubiquitous. While personally I prefer the ease of the Brabantia designs, the elegance and classic design make this a firm favourite for any kitchen.

Buy Now – £7

I could go on, but the above are as good as it gets. For less than a tenner you can get a solid, reliable and easy to use corkscrew that just works without damaging the cork.

Think you have better alternatives? Comment below.

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