This Messenger Bot Finds You The Best Supermarket Wine

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We have all been there.

Staring, confused and unsure of which wine to choose from the endless choice. Just which should you go for?

They all look identical. You could scan them all on Vivino – but that takes ages and always ends with it either not existing.

Should you instead just go for the one on offer? But what if it’s bad or the deals are fake?

A new chatbot called The Wine Pairer is changing all of this. Using Facebook Messenger, it recommends you the wine you should buy based on the supermarket you are in, or what meal you’re having. All you have to do is talk to it – it’s just like having a personal Sommelier but without the sales tactics.

It’s a welcome step towards the end to randomly guessing, or having to read several wine blogs and feeling none the wiser.

Rather than being recommended the most expensive wine on the menu, you’re being recommended the best value and highest quality wine at the supermarket.

Recommended wines are always under £12, with even some highly rated wines costing just £5.

How to Find Your Wine

It’s super simple to use, with prompts guiding you to the wine you’re after.

You can find wines in three ways:

  • Supermarket – See the best wines available by Supermarket
  • Wine – Lists all supermarket options but lists by style e.g. Rioja
  • Meal – This is the best bit. You can say what you’re having for dinner (e.g. salmon) and be told the best wine to buy to go with your meal! All of the options are shown with supermarket information.

The beauty of the automated messages is that you can message once you’re in the supermarket and only see results for that super market. Or plan your meal and grab a bottle to go with it!

How are wines chosen?

Wines included in the bot are chosen based on their reviews from leading critics such as Jancis Robinson, David Walliams, Decanter and others – compiling the best supermarket wines under £12 into the one bot.

This commitment to showing that great wines are available at low value sets it apart from apps such as Vivino, where often recommended wines are hard to find and can be quite pricey.

There are a few features missing. It would be nice if there was more live information about current offers and new wines, as the current selection is quite limited. Recommendations are limited to only those big supermarkets and not smaller retailers, with no option for location based services.

However, the simplicity of use with simple options that lead you to an answer without needing to read too much is the strongest feature. More information is there if you need it, but ultimately you can just look at the label, find the bottle and go.

The world of wine has been made more accessible by technology, no longer hidden behind confusing terminology and snobby price tags. Several apps have really helped with this, but messenger bots offer a personalised, question driven experience that is far simpler than an app.

Wine should and can be enjoyed by everyone, and by focusing on ensuring people buy the best supermarket wines, more people can discover the joy of matching food and wine.

You can try the Wine Pairer for yourself here.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an interface that is an automated conversation. The “bot” will usually have some AI element, but mostly be based on rules that guide users to an end point. Some famous examples are TacoBell’s bot that lets you order food through it, or H+M where you can get clothing recommendations.

Think of them as something between a personal sales assistant and a huge database. The benefit is that you get personalized shopping recommendations, but without having to talk to anyone!

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