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Welsh Designed Wine Decanter ‘Eto’ Smashes Kickstarter Target

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“Eto” is Welsh for “Again”.

It is clear once you know this what this decanter aims to do – reduce the amount of wine wasted each year, encouraging wine to be drunk again and again even once it has been opened.

Tom Cotton grew up in Trefin, Pembrokeshire and has been working on Eto for 6 years, working though over 60 prototypes to produce an innovative, simple decanter.

It compresses the amount of wine left into a smaller area, reducing contact with the air. Once opened and decanted, the wine can be kept for days, or weeks, without any change to the quality of the wine.

This has been tested by both Universities and Master of Wine’s alike to surprise and applause.

It is the Valve which does the magic, with it automatically sealing flavour when pushed down on, compressing the wine into a smaller area and reducing contact with the air. Simple remove the lid and pour, with the valve opening as your pour to release the wine.

The sleek device has undergone a lot of prototyping and work – around 60 models as well as winning grants and facing several materials challenges along the way.

However, the hard work has paid off and the Kickstarter reached the target in just 72 hours, and looks to continue it’s success by exceeding the goal many times over.

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